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Matrax is a home goods distributor for Southeast Europe. A young innovative company with modern approach, guided by old fashioned principles – sell a quality product, operate with honesty and deliver on all promises.

Back in September 2005, we were just couple of guys, a girl and telephone. Armed with the conviction that Bulgarian consumers deserved a better mattress – one that incorporated modern technologies and healthy and environmentally sustainable materials, we set out to introduce Magniflex, Italian mattresses to Bulgaria. Fortunately, the Magni family agreed we were the right people for the job, granting us exclusive distribution rights for the brand, and thus Matrax was born.

With a combination of an impassioned sales team, some quirky marketing and bold retailers who took a chance on us, Magniflex quickly became known as the best mattress on the market and Matrax became known as the company to emulate. Feedback from clients started flooding in - people who had not had a proper night’s sleep in years, called to thank us. People who had never given their mattress a second thought, started to realize that we cannot lead a full life without a full night’s sleep.


Five years later, Matrax has expanded into new markets – Greece in 2006, Romania in 2008 and Macedonia in 2010. We have added a corporate product line for hotels and spa centers making Magniflex the mattress of choice for more than 80 hotels in Bulgaria.


New leading global brands have joined the Matrax family, uniting the worlds’ best sleep brands under one roof.  In 2010, Schlaraffia, the number one mattress producer in Germany joined the Matrax family along with Sealy, the biggest bedding producer in the world. Matrax also represents Setex, the German textile giant which produces bedding accessories for our markets.

At the request of designers and architecture studios, Magniflex linea Pierre Cardin was added to the group as a unique design collection.


Our products can now be found in almost 1000 points of sales in the region including top international chains such as Metro, Praktiker and BauMax. Our network of leading design and architecture studios offer the exclusive collections Sealy and Magniflex linea Pierre Cardin.


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