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Road Runner

Road Runner is a company specializing in delivering food, food products, grocery shopping, catering and office subscription, as well as flowers and services such as dry-cleaning, to your home and office.

The unique business concept allows partners to reach thousands of new consumers. It does not require initial investment or running expenses. The company has more than 10 transport vehicles, 40 members of staff and specialized software for real-time order management. Our modern communications and logistics network allows us to efficiently deliver products and resources to you, your customers and suppliers.
The BG MENU contains all the items offered by Road Runner's contractors in one publication divided into sections. The scope of the publication allows better reception on the part of the customers and a wide range of choice, and provides the customers with detailed information about the possibilities that are on offer. By adding your company to the common menu for orders, the company can become part of this choice. With just a phone call or a mouse click the customer can do their shopping from their home or office and from the extensive and varied menu. In this way you increase the satisfaction of your present customers and reach a new, unexplored segment for sales in your business - orders made from home or the office.


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